Focus on Audience Development - Theory and Practice Perspectives at European Level (20 November 2015)

28 octombrie 2015

What is ”audience development” in the Creative Europe 2014-2020 Programme?
Which are the theory and practice audience development perspectives at European level?
What do we mean by best practices of audience engagement in cultural activities?
What are the benefits of developing sustainable and qualitative audience approaches?
What inspiring examples of audience participation can we find in projects funded by other EU programmes?

These are the main questions we will answer together during the event our Creative Europe Desk – Culture Office is hosting in Bucharest, on 20 November 2015.

Each year we organise one large scale event around a topical subject concerning the policy and practice context in the cultural and creative sectors, with a view to connecting the strategic recommendations and trends at European level with those at national and regional levels.

In 2015, our thematic event is focused on audience development, which is currently a top priority in EU’s Creative Europe Programme and an ever present practice of cultural operators across Europe.

Our aim is to create a discussion forum around this topic, to exchange experiences about how cultural organisations and artists engage with the public, how they attract, enlarge, diversify and involve it in their long term actions. Moreover, we want to promote and raise awareness on the concept of audience development, in its complex and diverse meanings, as well as innovative best practices in order to foster more successful Creative Europe projects in operators’ future applications.  

The event will bring together participants from Romania and abroad, addressing in particular practitioners in the cultural field who work with audiences – artists, cultural managers and other professionals –, as well as management and cultural policies researchers and experts who are interested in the latest development tendencies in this field at European level.

The presentations and discussions will be in Romanian and English, with simultaneous translation.

The event agenda is available here.

You can join our event free of charge by filling in the registration form and the audience development questionnaire and sending them to Creative Desk Romania – Culture Office,, by 15 November at the latest.

Travel and subsistence costs will be covered by participants.
For further details please write to or contact us by phone: + 4021 316 6061.